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Walking, Mountaineering and Rock Climbing experiences for you, in a location to suit you.

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1:6 max |£160 per day

Looking for a change from the usual routes up Snowdon, Scafell Pike or Ben Nevis? Keen to explore a quieter side of the amazing countryside the UK has to offer, or want to take the route less travelled? Leave it to me to guide you on a memorable mountain experience!



1:2 max | £195 per day

Keen to try rock climbing but don't know where to start? Come with me and experience it for the first time in total comfort knowing you've got a highly qualified instructor leading the way and keeping you safe!

1:2 max | £180 per day

Scrambing is a great way of seeing a different side of a mountain area. It'll get you places footpaths won't and also add that extra bit of excitement if that's what you're after. Roped scrambling is a great way to get a bit more out of your experience in the mountains.

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ratios variable depending on target

From £160 per day

There's so many 'classic' days out in the mountains of the United Kingdom. Perhaps there's a hill walk you've always heard about but never quite had the confidence to tackle, or a rock climb that has always been on your ticklist but the stars hve never quite alligned to allow you to tick it.

Let me help you out let me know the classic you've got in mind, and I'll do the rest to get a plan in motion to get your target route laid to bed.

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